Saturday, April 23, 2011

Not Much Happening and Easter Wishes

Not much to write about lately. The weather has been cloudy, although in the 60’s. I like the sun, so haven’t been sitting out much.   We scratched the plan to head to Sacramento to see the Red Sox play. Weather forecast predicted light rain, so the thought of paying the price of the tickets to sit in damp weather, didn’t sound like fun.   We haven’t done too much. We did go out to see a bit of the town. It has a very cute little downtown area and we walked around and had lunch one day. Of course there was the grocery shopping, another stop at Trader Joe’s and also the local fruit and veggie stand.  Kevin has done quite a bit of cleaning, lol so the outside is clean…And we had another battery installed on the RV. Ours only came with one..

Our Easter will be a very quiet one.. I bought a ham, although I was in search of a turkey breast. The only few I found were $25. and that is just plain crazy.. Missing our grandkids like crazy lately. Guess it’s the holidays that do that.

We are looking forward to pulling out on Tuesday. We have over a 400 mile ride to Crescent City. Our reservations aren’t until Wednesday, so we haven’t yet decided if we will stop somewhere along the way or drive straight through.

Wishing everyone a Very Blessed Happy Easter!!

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

We hope you had a great Easter.