Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jello Plans

Wednesday.. Today was a very lazy day. We are both  tired. I am also recovering from my fall the other day. Sore but doing better.

When we left our rv in storage,  our freezer and frig were full. We kept our fingers crossed that the propane would keep it going. When we got back it was off.. however when I checked the freezer only a few things were thawed out. The rest, including the ice were still frozen. I took out the steaks and pork roast and they were still cold so I cooked them up.I did have to throw out a few small things.  When we went to put our landing gear down, we realized the battery was dead.  I didn’t realize that the frig runs on battery, thought it was just propane. It is time that we add another battery, since we only have one. We may just do that while we are here.

Since we received the call cancelling Lake Tahoe, we have decided to stay away from the mountains. They still have lots of snow and some roads are closed. So that means we will not be going to Yosemite. I think we are about a month to early to do those areas. We will stay here in Morgan Hill for two weeks. We plan on making a trip to Monterey and most likely San Francisco, although we have been there before…. When we leave here we will probably spend a night in the Sonoma area and then head up to Crescent City to see the Redwoods. I have been busy today with reservations for June into July. We still don’t have any reservations for July 4th weekend!! Could be a problem. Made some calls but they are full. We will be up on the Wa/Or line…Other than the 4th weekend, we are all set right through the 12th of July, which will take us into Idaho and give us one week to get to Island Park, where we will spend a month.

We just got back from Monterey and will post about it tomorrow..

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