Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Little Detour

We left Palm Desert last  Tuesday morning. We had a long travel day but it was perfect weather and beautiful scenery.

April, 2010 (kids) 015 April, 2010 (kids) 026

We arrived in Morgan Hill and checked into a campground for the night.  We have stored our home for the week and when we return we will see a bit of the area.

Our little detour took us on a noontime  flight to Houston. Our daughter, along with the three boys picked us up. and our son in law had dinner waiting when we arrived. It is great to be back with family. Lots of hugs..

On Thursday the guys had a golf day. On Friday we had a girls day.. Haircuts, shopping and lunch..

We are having beautiful sunny weather with temps in the high 80’s. Saturday we played in the pool!

 April, 2010 (kids) 089 April, 2010 (kids) 100 April, 2010 (kids) 109 April, 2010 (kids) 124 April, 2010 (kids) 130

Sunday, another beautiful day. My daughter Kim, youngest grandson Brady and I took off for the Montgomery County Fair.. Kim has a friend whose niece was showing her heifer. We met up with  friends and had a nice visit and fun watching the show. Brady really enjoyed the kids petting zoo.

April, 2010 (kids) 037

April, 2010 (kids) 045 April, 2010 (kids) 055 April, 2010 (kids) 062

Monday I visited with friends and also had a pedicure.  I took a fall while letting out the dog and I am very lucky I didn’t break anything. I hit my head pretty hard and it is sore.  I am sure I will pay for it later.

We were up early and at the airport for our 9am flight back to California.  I should have had my camera in hand while flying over the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It was beautiful, with lots and lots of snow.

We were back in the campground around noon and pulled out of storage and into a site. We are scheduled to stay here three nights but that may change. We received a call, cancelling a reservation we have next week near Lake Tahoe. They said they have had damage, have no water and still under plenty of snow.  We have to revamp our travel plans and will work on that today.


amazon's best review said...

beautiful place

KarenInTheWoods said...

Now that looks like a BARREL OF FUN!

Anonymous said...

I hope you aren't hurt too badly!!!...