Friday, June 17, 2011

Changing Plans…

Well, we had quite a day on Thursday. It was our day to depart from TT. We had pretty much decided we wanted to fly home to Houston. Kevin wanted to get in some golf and I wanted to see my hairdresser and of course we would get to see the grandkids. So we made arrangements and paid for storage at the TT. We fly standby and our flight wasn’t until midnight, so we had all day to hang out. They told us we could stay in our site until 6p and then take it to the storage lot.  In the meantime I had cancelled our reservations for the state park up the road. Late afternoon, I checked our flight and it did not look good at all. It was very full. We just didn’t want to drive 2.5 hrs and not get on and then have no where to sleep the night.  Sooooo, we cancelled, told TT we wouldn’t store, and hooked up as fast as we could and booked it up the road to Ft Stevens State Park and luckily they hadn’t given our site away, whew!!! Good thing because they are full for the weekend.  It was very stressful for a bit but all worked out for us.

So here we are at Ft Stevens in Astoria. Not a bad park, but our particular site, we cannot get satellite, too many trees. We don’t have sewer but do have 50amp, however we blew a fuse this morning… I think it will empty out Sun/Mon, and we will see if we can move to another site.

Last night, after setting up, we drove down the road and had a fabulous meal of halibut and chips. Mmm, so good. We are getting our fill of chowder and fish while here for sure.

Today was a nice day, yes the sun was out.  We can’t believe what a big deal they make out of the weather on the news…  We drove into Astoria, where the traffic was quite heavy. I wanted to visit the visitors center and get some info of road trips we want to take. I am thinking alot of the kids are out of school now and things have really picked up. It won’t be as enjoyable as it has been for us thus far.  After stopping to pick up grocery’s we headed home and relaxed the rest of the day. 

Tomorrow is suppose to rain. Sunday sounds better and we have a plan for Fathers Day that will make my hubby happy.


Sue and Doug said...

enjoy your stay at Fort Stevens!..we have stayed at the KOA across the road from the state park!..great area!

squawmama said...

Wow that does sound kinda stressful but it did all work out for you guys... I LOVE Halibut and could not get enough on our trip last year... It is really a great tasting fish! Have fun in your new location~~~
Travel safe