Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day and A Trip to Washington

I miss my dad all the time, but of course Fathers Day is always tough for those of us that have lost dad’s.

He  was very special to me. Such a kind, soft spoken, patient and protective man. I was “Daddy’s Little Girl”.  Actually he sang alot, and I have so many memories of sitting on his lap while he sang that song to me.  I also have memories of dancing on his feet on Saturday night, watching Lawrence Welk!  I feel very blessed that before he died, I got the chance to tell him exactly how I felt and that he  was the best dad in the world and that I was a very lucky girl to have him for my dad.. And I was..

Happy Father’s Day Dad..until we meet again….

    Picture Frame 293

Kevin won’t get to spend his day with our kids.

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So, his wish was to head to a casino.. The closest one was in Ocean Shores, Washington. Just a short 100 mile drive, lol.  Saturday was a cloudy, drizzly day, so we headed that way.  The weather cleared up a bit in Wa , although the sun didn’t shine, and the drive was a pretty nice one.

Driving through Wa 003So green…Driving through Wa 007  Lots of these trucks..

Driving through Wa 011 Driving through Wa 013 Driving through Wa 019

We had no idea we would see so many trees..Guess we know where our Christmas Trees come from.  In fact, we saw the sign that said Weyerhaeuser Douglas Fir Plantation but it was closed off.

This Weyerhaeuser sign says that hundreds of acres of trees were lost to 120 mph winds along 101.

Driving through Wa 025

Driving through Wa 033

There really is beauty in trees..

Driving through Wa 038

  Driving through Wa 041

The casino was nicer than we expected and we both had a good time.  They gave us $5 free play for signing up for the players card. I played for 3 hours on that money, and came home with $25.. Kevin on the other hand was a loser once again!

Back to Oregon…

Driving through Wa 074


Happy Fathers Day to all the dad’s out there….


squawmama said...

Great tribute to your dad... Glad you guys enjoyed such a nice day even if it was drizzly.
Have fun & Travel safe

Sue and Doug said...

better luck next time at the casino!..and Happy Father's Day to you!!