Monday, June 27, 2011

Visiting Mt St Helens

We had planned on doing this trip to see Mt St Helen’s, either Monday or Tuesday, but after checking the weather it looked like Sunday was the best day for weather. We had 120 mile drive and certainly didn’t want to get up there, and not be able to see it… We made the right decision..it was a perfect day, with very few clouds..

Look at all the wood at this logging plant….Mt St Helens, Wa 025 Mt St Helens, Wa 026

A first glimpse, many miles away…

Mt St Helens, Wa 031

And we stopped at all the visitors centers all the way up…

Mt St Helens, Wa 040 Mt St Helens, Wa 048

Mt St Helens, Wa 054

After 31 years, still signs of the devastation..Mt St Helens, Wa 083

       Mt St Helens, Wa 084

New growth…

Mt St Helens, Wa 044  Mt St Helens, Wa 048


Mt St Helens, Wa 086

Roadside snow…

Mt St Helens, Wa 089

Kids having fun…

Mt St Helens, Wa 090

Picnics anywhere….

Mt St Helens, Wa 091

The intense movie about the eruption…

Mt St Helens, Wa 093

And then the curtains open to this….

Mt St Helens, Wa 095

Outside on the deck…Mt St Helens, Wa 098

Mt St Helens, Wa 066 Mt St Helens, Wa 101

We loved it, and feel so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience this…

On the way down, it was time for a late lunch….Mt St Helens, Wa 113

Overlooking  this river…

Mt St Helens, Wa 109

Mt St Helens, Wa 107

We ended our perfect day, sharing this homemade mountainberry cobbler….

Mt St Helens, Wa 111


Tumbleweed Dee said...

Wow, This is a must see! Thanks for such a great post!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

A great day of sightseeing:)

squawmama said...

Wow what great photos and coverage of Mount St. Helen... I really enjoyed this post! When we were there last year it was a very cloudy day and we could see nothing!!!
Have fun & Travel safe

ps..come on by and become a follower of my new RV Park Review Blog. Add our blog to your favorites so you can keep up with our reviews...It is still under construction but I intend to add as many of the parks that we have visited in our 7 years of full timing. Good thing I kept notes...LOL LOL thanks ;-D

Chuck-Kathy said...

Loved the pictures, our visit was a cloudy day, so we really didn't get to see the "real" thing. Love the jewelery made out of the ashes from when it blew.
See ya soon, hugs

Sue and Doug said...

has it really been 31 years since Mount St Helen's blew her top?..geesh I remember that day!...great tour and a lovely day for sightseeing!!