Friday, November 14, 2008

Up and Down Week

This was one of those weeks, the kind we all have had. Some good days, some bad. It started out good and then.........
Work..I havent had to work much at all. I had told them when I came back from Florida that I only wanted two days a week. Well icky weather has taken away my last two that I was scheduled for. That is a good thing. I'm scheduled tomorrow.

Veterans Day.. Since we moved to Texas my husband hasnt taken in any of the VD activities. He always had done so in Ma and Fl. He always has a tough time getting thru this day. I had forgotten but was quickly reminded. He gets very down and has alot of flashbacks. Lost alot of buddies over in Nam. I just give him his time to think it all thru. We did go to Applebees and he had a free dinner. They do that for the veterans. He always feels good that they get recognized.

My daughter.. She was doing very well and thought the meds had taken care of alot of her problems. She has had a very bad time the last few days. She has found that she still cannot handle the downs of life. She was hoping to go back to work in December. Not too sure now..

Travel..My 40th high school reunion is the Saturday after Thanksgiving in Ma. I planned on attending and had gotten hold of a close friend that now lives in Canada. She and I were planning it together. We havent seen each other in 30 years. My plan was to fly to Boston on Friday. Now everything is up in the air because I travel standby on my daughters passes. Because she has been out of work I can not fly on her benefit. Yikes, I wasnt planning on buying a ticket and especially over a holiday weekend. I have been stressing over this and what to do.
Also, Kevins 60th birthday is Dec 2nd. We have been planning on Vegas for the last six months. We saved the stimulas check and I have been saving my tip money to use for this trip. Once again we were planning on flying standby. What to do.. We have been all over the place trying to decide. We even talked about hitting the road in the RV and head to Vegas. Got out the maps and gave it much thought. I once again didnt think it a great time to leave my daughter. I am afraid I just won't enjoy the trip with her on my mind.

Health..I have been sooooo stressed out that I actually thought I may have been having a heart attack one night. I had severe pains in my back and had just seen a show in the am about a woman who had the same thing and sure enough it was a heart attack. I waited it out and it went away. I think it was indigestion. I do have a drs appt on Wednesday so will talk it over with the dr. I have a strong family history with heart disease. Mom, Dad and my three older brothers.
Another reason to stay put for now and not be on the road.

Chat..my only upside of a tough day. I look so forward to talking each evening with my rv-dreams family. Thank you all for being there.


A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

I'm so sorry to hear that things aren't going well all around. You need to look after yourself before you can look after others.

Anonymous said...

take care friend. I hope you can go to your reunion it would be fun. But i know family comes first.
My father is in hospital and little time left.I have not been in the chatroom for a few nights cause of visits to him. Hope to chat with you soon and meet up for lunch.