Friday, November 28, 2008

Snow In Flagstaff

Yup, we saw snow today in Flagstaff. I just didnt expect driving thru Arizona that I would see it.
They had it last night and it looked very pretty, something we miss seeing since leaving Massachusetts. What a neat drive today was. The mountains are awesome. Again I am always in awe of this beautiful country. We travelled 316 miles before landing in Las Vegas. We drove around the Hoover Dam, which we have seen before but it is just such an amazing sight. Took us by surprise when all traffic had to go thru a checkpoint before heading around the dam. They had us open the back of truck and then entered the tt. How sad we have to live in such times that put us in danger of terrorists.
We arrived at the TT campground which is right on Boulder Hwy and convenient to everything.
Were not here long before we had to head to the closest casino. We both played blackjack for about 1hr. We lost..but not alot for me. My big disappointment was they gave us a free pull on the slot machines. We both got $3 free play. Okay, I played $2 on my first pull and got nothing. Had $1 left so pulled it, got 777, oh no, I only won $1 because I had only put in $1, had I put in another $1, I would have won $150. I was sooooo bummed. I will make up for it another day.
Hopefully! We headed back to the park and are ready to heat up the leftovers from yesterday for dinner. Yummm.
Hope to be on chat tonight. Last night I just couldnt connect.

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