Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thousand Trails Cottonwood, Az

Oops, I goofed.. I thought our trip today was only 100+ miles. I was wrong, it was about 260 miles. We took our time, stopped at Cracker Barrel and hit some traffic in Phoenix. Then the fun began, as we climbed to 4000 ft, we putted along, hit fog, then rain. It sure is beautiful though.
Thought we would never get here but we arrived and got set up (in the rain) I love this place but sad that the weather forecast doesnt sound good for our stay. We plan on leaving Friday morning to head to Las Vegas. Tomorrow's plan is to cook a turkey dinner, although they are serving one here at the park, I like to cook our own so we can have leftovers. Then I would like to drive to Sedona to see the red rocks. Unfortunately if the rain keeps up that probably won't happen. I definately want to come back to this area some day when time is not an issue. Can you believe my camera has died on me. What a time to do that..

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