Monday, November 24, 2008

On The Way To Vegas

Sunday: We left our house at 9:45am with hopes of being in San Antonio by 2pm. All went well for the first hour. We were about to make a pit stop, so exited the highway and as we were getting off, a car next to us started beeping their horn and pointing to the rear of our trailer. Not good, so we immediately pulled into a gas station and found we had blown a tire on ther rear of the trailer. Called AAA and they said they would contact someone. It took 2 hours, as the service tech was 70miles away. So after our 2.5 hr delay we were on our way. We arrived in San Antonio
around 5p. Got set up and called on one of my RV Dreams chat room buddies Deb (Debken) and her husband Rod, who were staying in the park. We got to meet for the first time and it was great to see them both. I had emailed them from the road and told them we were delayed and they were kind enough to cook dinner for us knowing that we wouldnt be in any mood to think about preparing dinner. It was great. Thanks again both of you. We loved meeting up and hope to do it again. WE turned in early.
Pictures of the sick tire and Deb & Rod below........

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