Friday, November 21, 2008

Changes in A Week

Last week was not a good one but things do change and luckily for the better.. Our daughter is doing well this week, which in turn makes it so much better for us.
I saw my dr on Wed. and everything is good there. My blood pressure was good, ekg good, blood work good and they will schedule me for a stress test. Stress, stress, stress. Thats what it all come down to.
I have given up the thought of going to my reunion next week in Boston. The air fares have gone up instead of down. I'm okay with that. I do hate to disappoint some friends that had counted on me but that is life. Hopefully will get to see them for our 50th..
Now for my hubby's 60th birthday. We had planned on going to Vegas and actually have reservations at our time share for Dec 1-5th. Well with our daughter out of work, we can't fly, on her pass soooooooooo we are going to drive. We made that decision today. I went to talk to my boss at the golf course. It is not busy there at all right now so it is a good time to be gone. We hope to leave Sunday morning. The plan is to go as far as San Antonio on Sunday and take it from there. Tomorrow we will get gassed up and load the trailer. Any suggestions on places to stop along the way and things not to be missed would be appreciated.
Hopefully my next post will be from some interesting place.

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