Saturday, May 28, 2011

Moving to Nehalem Bay State Park

We were not quite sure how we would make it out of our site today but Kevin did a fine job. Luckily he coordinated it with the fellow across from us. If they weren’t leaving first I doubt if we would have a chance.  Anyway we were on our way on a bright sunny day..

Nehalam Bay,Or 001

One more drive past the Haystack Rock  much clearer than the other day. As you can see the beach was crowded today…

Nehalam Bay,Or 004

We passed by farmlands…

Nehalam Bay,Or 010 Nehalam Bay,Or 011

And Bays…. Nehalam Bay,Or 013 Nehalam Bay,Or 014

Until we reached the road to Nehalem…

Nehalam Bay,Or 020

We were pleasantly surprised with the campground..

Nehalam Bay,Or 051

Our site

Nehalam Bay,Or 053

We weren’t expecting to get satellite reception but we did! I am getting 4 bars on my computer and also have cell phone signal.. We have 30amp but no sewer.. That will be just fine for 5 nights..

After dinner I took the short walk to the beach…

Nehalam Bay,Or 024 Nehalam Bay,Or 025

Where folks were flying their kite..Nehalam Bay,Or 033

And others walking their dogs..Nehalam Bay,Or 043

Some were digging…

Nehalam Bay,Or 037 

And the sun wasn’t quite ready to set..

Nehalam Bay,Or 026

I then headed back over the dunes..

Nehalam Bay,Or 046

That white mark in the background is our RV..

Nehalam Bay,Or 049


Tomorrow’s plan is to head to Portland and meet up with our daughter, while she is on a layover. We will spend the night with her.


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Debbie Goode said...

Oh you lucky girl....what a wonderful beach and the weather doesn't look to shabby either. Portland is on my travel list....thanks for sharing all those great photos.