Friday, May 13, 2011

Sun and Rocks

We have had two nice sunny days in a row.. The big thing to do around here is to look for rocks, Agate rocks to be exact.  This area has some of the finest areas in the world to search for Agate’s (pronounced Agit)  These rocks are often used in making jewelry. Now, we have always scoured the beaches for sea shells but never rocks, so this was a first for us.  Yesterday we both headed out.

DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0004

Of course we really didn’t know what to look for, so we came back with a few interesting ones but nothing that looked like at Agate. Our neighbor showed me hers and told me exactly where to go. So, today after spending my morning cleaning our home, I headed out alone, this time.  With small shovel and bag in hand, I searched.. I actually sat myself down and started digging. I found alot of interesting rocks, most small but not too sure I have the Agate’s. Perhaps a few small ones.


They are suppose to be translucent when holding them up to the sun. This is the closest I came..so at least, I’ll pretend I have some.

It was fun and a great way to spend a beautiful day. Our oldest grandson collects rocks, so I’m sure he will love getting some of these.   I have a whole bucket full so am displaying just a few..


These red ones are Jasper…


And some petrified wood….


The forecast for the next week, is not sounding very good. There seems to be rain coming our way AGAIN…


Gypsy said...

I really like your header picture - beautiful 5ver!

I don't know one stone from another but I love to look at them. I probably would like the ones that aren't "anything".

A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Sounds like our weather here, Arlene.

Are you planning on making some jewelry from your rocks?

squawmama said...

COOL rocks.... I am sure your grandson will LOVE them!!!!
Have fun & Travel safe