Thursday, May 19, 2011

Moving Up The Coast

Yesterday it was time to move. With Thousand Trails we have the membership that is two weeks in, then one week out. Our move was to Beverly Beach Sate Park in Newport, and just about 10 miles up the coast. The Oregon State Parks are very kind to the disabled  veteran, they offer ten nights a month free stay. We can only get five nights at a time, but you just can’t beat that. Oregon in fact is very proud of veterans, as was very evident when we first crossed into the state. We saw several signs saying We Support Veterans..  So we are now staying five nights free and paid for two nights. The park is very nice but loaded with trees, which means we can’t get our satellite to work. We have tried but it was a no go.. We do pick up a few local channels but that doesn’t quite cut it during the hockey playoff season in this house! So the plan for tonight is to head down the road to a local joint that is showing our Boston Bruins game.

When we woke, the sun was shining again,  two in a row..  We wanted to get out while the going was good.   We headed to see the  Devil’s Punch Bowl….

Depoe Bay, Or 001 Depoe Bay, Or 008 Depoe Bay, Or 020 

Depoe Bay, Or 010

  Look what I found…

Depoe Bay, Or 027

I couldn’t resist having a few samples… Depoe Bay, Or 029


Next stop was Cape Fowlweather… and these beautiful views..

Depoe Bay, Or 031  Depoe Bay, Or 033   Depoe Bay, Or 036 Depoe Bay, Or 037    Depoe Bay, Or 041

They had this neat gift shop…Depoe Bay, Or 034

When we left this area we headed to Depoe Bay and I will post pictures tomorrow of that neat place where the water was ferocious!

Now we have to head out… LIG


Molly and Bob said...

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L...wow, it's a lovely area! (How do you say 'area' without a "R"?) LOL
See y'all soon! Huggies!

Sue and Doug said...

nice pictures of the coastline!..we never tire of it..different every time! enjoy!!

Sue and Doug said...

nice pictures of the coastline!!!..never tire of seeing it..different every time!!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great coastal pictures, and of course, always good to stop for some wine tasting!

squawmama said...

Oh I wish I was there with you.... we had such a good time last year but I miss the beauty!!!GREAT photos!!!
Have fun & Travel safe