Tuesday, May 3, 2011

California to Oregon

Sunday…After spending two months in California, our time has come to an end.  We loved every minute we spent in this state. We definitely plan on returning and exploring other areas as well as returning to others.  On to the Oregon Coast!

We had 171 mile drive.  Of course driving Hwy 101 is much slower then being on a major highway. I really enjoy it though, much more scenic.

Florence, Or area 008

First thing we noticed were the fuel prices were much lower.  Actually 30 to 40 cents cheaper than what we paid in California. 

Travelling through Coos Bay there was lots of logging going on…

Florence, Or area 022           Florence, Or area 033

Beautiful views of the ocean would continue…. passing through little towns…Florence, Or area 013 

Then around a corner we would be surrounded by greenery….

Florence, Or area 011

And farms…

Florence, Or area 019

And valley’s…..

Florence, Or area 064

Until we reached our campground in Florence Or where we will spend three nights…  We were pleasantly surprised with a sunny, high in the 50’s day.. We plan on exploring tomorrow..

Monday…We woke to rain, ugh!   A trip to the casino was in order.. It was a really nice one, but didn’t produce any winnings for either of us.  By mid day the rain had tapered off, so we headed into Old Town Florence.. Florence, Or area 076

It is  a small little town and we stopped in several shops to browse.  We just had to have chowder, at Mo’s. They are famous for it.

Florence, Or area 037

Well, it was good but we both agreed that the chowder we had in Crescent City was better!

We picked up a few grocery’s at Safeway and headed back to the RV. Kevin was looking forward to watching the Boston Bruins playoff game.  By late afternoon, the sun was shining.  I decided to take a drive down the end of our road to the dunes…

Florence, Or area 043

Now to see the ocean I would have to climb up the dune. It was actually much steeper than it looks, lol….

Florence, Or area 044

Halfway up, I was so out of breath (out of shape) and thought what if I had a heart attack!  Nobody was in site…but I made it, to  the top….

The solace of the ocean was breathtaking…… Just me and the ocean.

 Florence, Or area 055Florence, Or area 048 Florence, Or area 049 

Then it was time to head down… but it was so much easier!

Florence, Or area 051

And tomorrow is another day here in Florence…..

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Debbie and Rod said...

GREAT pictures!! I LOVE the Oregon Coast!! I have been up that hill to look at the ocean. Not only is it steep but it's very hard to walk in deep sand.

Deb & Rod