Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Work and Visit from a Chat Room Friend

We were on duty here Monday and Tuesday. Oh, what beautiful weather.  It was a perfect day to drive around on the golf cart and the shuttle. We were not busy and had the chance to spend time  talking with the campers here.

Today we had a visit from Rob from the RV Dreams chat room. He lives in Tallahassee and when he heard we were here, took the 150 mile  drive to meet up.


He and his wife have had their house on the market a little over a year now and are anxiously awaiting the day when they can be out on the road. He spent several hours here just chatting. It was real nice to meet him, he is a great guy.  Thanks Rob for coming. Sorry his wife couldn’t make it, but she had some appointments.  While he was here we put out the awning, which we haven’t used as yet. When he looked up he saw a problem.. Several slits in the awning over the door.


Just before he left he noticed the roller bar had a dent in it.  We can’t figure out what happened. Like I said we haven’t used it until now.  They didn’t  open it up all the way on our PDI because it was pouring rain.


I have a call in to the dealer and have sent pictures. A little worried since awnings are not covered under warranty.  Keep the fingers crossed that we don’t have a problem..

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