Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tour of Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

Today is cloudy but the forecast calls for temps in the 80’s. Not quite there yet.. We had a lazy morning and went to Walmart for a few errands.

I am posting the pictures I took yesterday of the park. It really is a very nice campground. Some people like the 100 section where it is more manicured but others opt for more of a rustic, treed site and some around the small lake. Or as we call it a pond. We hear there is good fishing..

Topsail Hill 028

Topsail Hill 029

The office

Topsail Hill 025


Topsail Hill 022


Topsail Hill 021

The 100’s section

Topsail Hill 015


Topsail Hill 014

Topsail Hill 018


 Topsail Hill 013

Lake sites and the clubhouse in background

Topsail Hill 004

Our street

 Topsail Hill 010

Street with cabins



Topsail Hill 005

Newly constructed cabins about to open

Topsail Hill 008

The new tent sites, not yet opened

Topsail Hill 031


Outdoor theatre where they do interactive talks and moviesTopsail Hill 032

And finally the road to the beach..

Topsail Hill 003 

That about sums it up. Hope you now have a better idea on why we love this park.. Of course I have already shown you the real draw..

The awesome beach!

Topsail Beach 003


Tumbleweed Dee said...

I wanna be there!!!! Thanks for such awesome pictures.

Chuck-Kathy said...

ME TOO, What a great place! Where you headed now?

Rod Ivers said...