Thursday, October 15, 2009

Work and Rain


Boy or boy, did it rain during the night. I guess all my friends out there sent it this way. Just as we were leaving for work, it stopped. We had a good day, only 22 checkouts and because of the clouds not too busy with the beach tram.  Our last run was at 4pm but with storms heading back this way the rangers closed the beach so we did another run around 4:30. Back home we had dinner and settled in for the night.


Once again we had heavy rain this morning. The weather didn’t seem to know what it wanted to do. Sun would come out then hard rain again. Not a beach day at all. I was kind of glad to have a lazy morning to stay in. I have so many things to still straighten out in here. Seems like we are never home. I pulled out the filing cabinet I had bought and started sorting and filing some of the papers I had in a shoe box.  When I tired of that job I decided to shower and head out shopping. With two of the grandsons coming tomorrow for the weekend I needed to stock up on some stuff.  They are calling for much cooler temps the next few days. I sure hope its warm enough for the beach. The kids are looking forward to it and so am I….

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