Friday, October 23, 2009

A Fun Day in Pensacola

Today’s weather forecast called for rain on and off all day. We made the decision to head to Pensacola.  We left fairly early about 9:30 and stopped at Camping World on the way. I have a favorite restaurant at Pensacola Beach, called Crabs. I love the she crab soup they serve. 100_3138




We  arrived and the door was locked. We figured we were too early and that they probably don’t open until noon but the sign said open at 4pm…Oh no, what disappointment I felt. My mouth had been watering for the soup.  Kevin said thats okay we will come back at 4p. Oh yeah! We drove down the road to Ft. Pickens where we have camped several times in the past. However hurricane Ivan blew thru there 5 years ago and devastated the area. The road was completely closed in with sand and most of the hotels, houses and restaurants were severly damaged. We found this out two years ago when we visited the area. Today we were thrilled to find out that pretty much everything is rebuilt, the road is open and the campground is now open.  It took a long time to rebuild but definately worth it. This is such a beautiful area and walking distance to the beach.

Next stop


The Naval Air Station.  We had a few things to pick up at the exchange and while there Kevin got a haircut. Then on to the Navy Air Museum.  We have been here before and really enjoy each time.  Wouldn’t you know my camera gave up on me.  Some how I must have hit a button and switched to internal pictures and it was full. It wouldn’t let me transfer back. I also carry another picture card in my camera bag and when I went to get that out, it was gone. I bet I lost it taking the camera out.  Really a shame because I had many picture opportunities the rest of the afternoon.  This base is a great one to drive around due to it being on the gulf.  Very pretty. We checked out the lighthouse and then the campground.

We headed back to Crabs. We arrived 1/2 hr early so walked down on the beach.  It had turned out to be a beautiful sunny day in the 70’s. I took a seat and watched and listened to the surf. The waves were huge. In fact, they were patrolling the beach and not letting anyone in the water. Finally 4p arrived and we sat out on the deck so we could still be by the water.  It was happy hour, wings, shrimp and oysters .25 each.  Oh yum, along with the she crab soup..  A perfect day, drink in hand, wonderful food, good music and sitting by the ocean..  What can be better than this!

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