Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall is Here Finally

Yes, it has finally cooled off and does feel like fall.  Only problem with that is we have two of our grandsons that arrived tonight to spend the weekend with us. Hopefully it will be warm enough for the beach. They are looking forward to it.  We picked them up at the Ft Walton airport which is on the Eglin Air Force Base.  On the way home we stopped at McDonalds. They said that it was the bestest McDonalds they have ever been at. It really is a cool one. It has a jungle theme,with trees and animals that make noise. We are now back in the campground and they are coloring for awhile before bed.

Today went really fast. I did a little cleaning in here but other than that don’t know where the time went. Guess most of it was spent on the computer.

For those wondering how I like my new bed topper. It is much more comfortable than just the mattress.  It isn’t as thick as some others but sure does help the comfort level. I have been sleeping much better. 

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Mark and Dortha said...

Hope you had fun with the little guys.

Glad to hear you like you mattress topper.