Monday, October 26, 2009

Lazy Saturday and then Back to Work

Saturday we had decided would be a lazy day and that is exactly what it was.. Kevin enjoyed watching football and I got caught up on laundry…Although I don’t enjoy the laundry thing, it was a nice day and I took the opportunity to sit on the porch at the laundry room and read.

Sunday was our first day back on duty. It started out cool but the sun came out and it was another beautiful day. We had about 50 checkouts so were kept quite busy in between our shuttle runs to the beach.  Luckily we do get the sites cleaned up pretty much before noon. That way, we have the afternoon free between shuttle runs to catch up on football. I was even a good wife and did the 3pm run myself and let Kevin stay and watch one of the games.  I was so exhausted after dinner, I knew it would be an early night. I got into bed with my computer and signed into the chatroom for awhile. I got booted when my battery died and was too tired to go get the plug.. Oh well, I was off to sleep shortly after that.

Monday, another work day and it started out cloudy, but wasn’t long before the sun was shining. The temps were in the 70’s and we loved driving around.  The park is fairly quiet this week. I’m not too sure if it will fill up for the weekend since it is Halloween. They are having a celebration here on Friday and Saturday evening. From what we have heard the town come out for this event.  Everyone has been asked to work. I will be on concessions and Kevin will be working the parking lot. They started putting up the Halloween decorations for it today. Looks like fun.. Just hope the weather cooperates.  Tonight we needed to get a few errands at the grocery store so we decided to have dinner at the Golden Corral. Good dinner but ate way too much and feel way to full right now.

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