Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Official Last Day of Work Here at Topsail

Well, this month sure has flown by.. Yes, today was our last day driving the beach tram.. And a wet one it was.  We picked up the golf cart at 8:30 and headed to the office to get keys to the tram and pick up our list of checkouts. We only had 11 checking out.. They told us to hold off on the tram runs until we hear from them. We were sent home.. We didn’t hear from them again until 1:30, telling us to start doing the runs again at 2pm. So it certainly was a fast day.  Once the rain had stopped we took the opportunity to take some pictures all around the park. I will post them maybe tomorrow.   And I said it was our official last day because we will be helping out Friday and Saturday night with the Halloween Bash.  We are scheduled to leave here on Monday.

I spoke to our dealer today about our awning and the pictures I had sent them. Of course they claim that they checked it out and the awning was fine.. We don’t believe that. Looks like it was probably a problem from the factory, but who knows. We only know it didnt happen while we had it or we would have known it, for sure.  They gave me a number to call Heartland. I did just that and the guy I spoke to was great. He gave me the number of a dealer in Panama City not to far from here. I called them and they asked for me to send them pictures. They will check that out tomorrow and get back to me but have penciled us in for Monday. Hope all that goes well.

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