Thursday, October 1, 2009

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Wednesday morning we left Ft Pierce Alabama and headed on down the road.. We only had 331 miles to travel today. We were ahead of schedule one day as we didn’t have to arrive at Topsail Hill Preserve until Thursday. I decided to give them a call and tell them we would be arriving early if our site was vacant. It wasn’t, but they told us to come on anyway and they would give us a pull through for the night. That we did.. It is so great to be back in this lovely park. Have I mentioned we love it here!!

Thursday morning we took a walk around the park, they are making some changes here and they should be complete sometime this month. We went to the office, met with our boss and filled out all the paper worked required. We got our nametags and schedule for the month.  We will once again be driving the tram to the beach. Fun… We don’t start until Sunday. When our site was ready we moved onto it and now we can settle in for awhile.  I like the idea of staying in one place for a bit. It gets exhausting while travelling and stopping every night.  Went to the grocery and local fish store to stock up. I will be cooking grouper for dinner tonight, yum.  Hopefully I will get some pictures tomorrow.

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Debbie and Rod said...

Sounds like an awesome park you're in. I hope we can get over there someday. Glad you're safe and sound now.

Debbie & Rod