Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Weekend Visitors

We decided to split the kids up for their stay here. Once slept with Grampy on the pullout and one with me in the bed. Saturday morning at a very early hour I heard grampy and Logan talking. As I glanced at the clock it was only 5:45 and with that Joey who is next to me wakes up saying he doesn’t feel well. And within seconds he was getting sick. Not a good start to our day. We got up and cleaned up. Shortly after that they were already asking what time can we head to the beach. Overnight the temps had dropped drastically. It was in the 50’s outside. We had to tell them we would hold off on the beach until 10:00. The coloring books came out and that kept them busy until it was time. We gathered all our beach stuff and headed for the tram stop.100_3077

Hmm, we were the only ones on the tram, wonder why?!  We found out when we got there. It was mighty windy, but the boys went about testing 100_3090 the water.100_3088


and playing in the sand..  We only stayed an hour. They were freezing after getting wet,so we took the 11:00 tram back.  After an early lunch Joey was not feeling well and we took it easy the rest of the day.  Logan and I  headed to the laundry room since I only have one set of sheets!

Sunday morning it was a wee bit warmer. Once again the boys wanted the beach. We decided to drive down the road to another beach close by. They chose not to wear bathing suits today, just play on the beach.  We had a great time. I enjoyed sitting with the sunshine on my face while they ran around and had fun playing in the sand.100_3104 100_3109 

We saw lots of jellyfish washed up onshore.100_3113

Glad we weren’t swimming with them.

Someone had left a sand sculpture behind.100_3097 

For lunch we decided to head to Fudruckers. This is a restaurant that has an alligator pool outside. You can buy food and feed them, but since it was cool they were just lying on a dock and sunning.100_3116


By late afternoon it was time to head to the airport for an early evening flight back to Houston. Luckily Joey was feeling better today and got to enjoy himself. We did too and loved having them here with us.

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Chuck-Kathy said...

What a treat to have them for a 2
day outing. Glad the weather sort of held for you all. Hugs