Thursday, October 22, 2009

Relaxing Day-Beach and Dinner

I was really hoping I could sleep late today but like clockwork I was up by 7am.. I did laze around for a few hours before we headed to the beach. Today it was cloudy and very windy at the beach. I loved it. There was a time when I would only go when the sun was shining strong. Now, I prefer a cloudy day. Sitting on the beach, with the sun poking thru now and then and listening to the  strong surf. What could be better. It is certainly a stress reducer. Very, very relaxing.

 Topsail Beach 079Topsail Beach 080

Tonight we went out to dinner. Why not continue the relaxing day with not having to cook.  We went to a fish place down the road.  I decided to try the fried softshell crab.

 Topsail Beach 084

Honestly I wasn’t crazy about it and I love crab. I have never ordered the softshell crab before.  Kevin had the jumbo shrimp stuffed with scallops and wrapped in bacon.

 Topsail Beach 082

Now his was good.. We topped it off with dessert. I had a delicious homemade bread pudding. Oh yum. Kevin opted for the brownie ala mode.

We are now settled in for the night. We have not heard from the dealer about our awning. I will give them a call tomorrow.  Still have those fingers crossed.

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Rick said...

That beach and the ocean waves look sooooo nice! What a great spot you're in!